Flipping Book Turns Lifeless PDF Content to Something Engaging

A digital flipping book can present traditional PDF files on variety of platforms in an interactive way. Specifically, this format makes digital publications similar to paper ones, drawing more attention to the content. Now you are starting to see technology bear fruit with flipping book maker such as Mobissue, which helps you make a conversion of lifeless PDF contents to something engaging in a minute.

Create Stylish Looks and Feels

Many PDF creators become aware that their files tend to be too boring, since the reading process of PDF usually involves tiring scrolling from one page to another. On the contrary, a flipping book enables the reader to turn pages with realistic page flip effect. Compared with scrolling, this effect has a strong appeal to the readers, because it mimics the real book so well, making it easy for the readers to regard the publication as professional and modern.

When using Mobissue to create a flipping book, the flipping effect is just one element you can get easily by clicking on buttons. To give this digital edition a more stylish look and feel, you are also allowed to apply beautiful themes as the wonderful background, enable the search option for an easy navigation through your content, and set the flip time to control the reading process. All of these settings will give the reader an excellent viewing and user experience.


Track reader’s Preferences with Easy-to -Use Tool

Providing stylish look and feel is only one of effective ways to drive engagement to your content. To a large extent, the engagement also depends on where your content is the reader’s cup of tea. If you can know what the reader likes, you are able to create right contents for the reader.

A flipping book created with Mobissue can be tracked to help you master the readers’ preference for your content. By simply visiting the dashboard of your home page at Mobissue.com, you can access some data. The data records the reader behavior, so that you can see exactly how the readers are interacting with your flipping book. These interactions include visits, likes and time spent .Relying on the data, you are able to create a list of readers’ preferences for the type of content, helping create the content which is really attractive to the readers.


Viewable on Any Devices

A lot of readers view digital publication on mobile devices. Bring in more engagement to the publication requires compatibility of the digital edition on multiple platforms

If you publish a flipping book with Mobissue, the same rich pages available on desktop are also available on any type of tablets and mobile phones. All the interactive functionality of the flipping book, including flipping pages and searching in document, is available at the touch of a button on mobile devices. Your readers will enjoy the same great reading and user experience, not matter what device they are reading on.



Why Your Business Needs the Help of Flipbook Software

Flipbook is more than something the audience can read for entertainment in their chairs. As a matter of fact, it is increasingly a useful tool for better business results .On one hand it delivers amazing contents to attract audience that is likely to become your new customers. On the other hand, it helps build brand loyalty to keep your old customers. If you are going to create a flipbook but have no idea of how to make it, the flipbook software Mobissue is what you need. It gives you solution to creating a high quality flipbook with easy-to-use creation tools.


Easy-to-use Creation Tools

Even if you have realized the importance of flipbook for your business, for those who are not professionals, the flipbook creation is challenging without the help of any software. Besides, when it comes to choosing the right software, the ease of use should be an important factor to consider.

Mobissue is as simple as any other common  software in your computer. It provides a powerful platform to create the flipbook in just few minutes, since it has offered you many easy-to-use creation tools. These tool ranges from basic design tools, which give a selection of wonderful templates and themes, to the animal editor, which helps enrich the contents with various elements like dialogues. All these tools can be used with simple clicks, giving you the flexibility to create distinctive contents faster than ever before. In addition, when designing the flipbook on the Animation Editor, the smart guide always appears to indicate you how to edit the element further. For example, hovering the mouse over the animation bar will make some texts show, to indicate you setting the start time of relative animation.



Automatic Data Collection for Analytics

Audience takes an interest in reading what they want. Today, information based on analytics of audience has become an effective tool to attract customers, increasing your customer base and growing your business.

According to the statistics on the dashboard of Mobissue, you can have a real-time analytics of the audience, by tracking the data including the likes and shares of your flipbook. This data not only makes you record audience behavior on your flipbook, but only enables you to understand how to improve your contents to appeal to customers. More importantly, the data is automatically collected as soon as you publish your flipbook on the cloud of this flipbook software, which saves you a lot of time to set the analytics tool on your own.



Building Brand Loyalty

With increasing competition for customers, many businesses struggle to build brand loyalty to keep repeat customers, which can be a basis for the business to expand.

This flipbook software Mobissue empowers you to build the brand loyalty in many ways. Firstly, you can upload the brand logo as the background image of your flipbook. Then you are able to set a stylish banner for your homage on Mobissue, which can suggest your brand value. A more obvious way to express your brand is to set the loading logo with your own brand logo. No matter what way you use, your  brand  loyalty  will be built effectively ,helping keep the customers for your business and  increasing your business sales.



PowerPoint Alternative Focusky Stretches Your Imagination into Reality

There are lots of great alternatives to PowerPoint in the market. Some of them provide fashionable built-in background images, some of them new templates, some of them unique interaction setting options… But if you really want to take your presentation to the next level, then definitely try Focusky. This PowerPoint alternative allows you to stretch your imagination into reality with kinds of inserted media elements, right inside your presentation. Besides, it also gives you the ability to set the order for the contents, which helps your audience follow you.

All Media Supported

Combining types of media into one wonderful presentation is a great way for you to make the imagination flourish, since you are given the chance to jump out of the bounds of the limited material for your presentation.

This software Focusky supports all common media element including links, charts, videos and so on. To begin with, you have the freedom to choose these elements from the built-in library, which offers a wide range of elements covering different subjects. Or you can upload directly from your own computer.

What’s more, if you do not find the perfect element from the library and your local files, you can easily access more elements though the quick internet search option provided in this software. Inserting online elements to the presentation is so easy, especially with simple clicks on the relative icon. For instance, you just need to paste the video URL to show movies in the presentation.

Furthermore, all of the inserted elements—texts, animations and multimedia— show in their original formats, and display just like you planned them in this PowerPoint alternative. There is no need to minimize the presentation file every time when you try to show a video or anything else, which offers the audience an innovative and seamless view experience. At the same time, these combined elements empower you to employ to engage the audience in a compelling and story-telling way.


Flexible Path Setting

Traditional liner presentation is easy to make the audience get lost in your ideas, because of its lack of organized contents sometimes.

This PowerPoint alternative gives you full control of the path, which helps you arrange the contents in a logic way. You are capable of presenting the elements in the presentation in an order that you set. As you proceed through the presentation, this software automatically zooms into each area along the path to show the specific content, which contributes to create a narrative that carries your audience through your presentation, from one idea to next in a clear way. Therefore, you can stretch your imagination to reality, without fear of the illogic statement of the contents.


All in all, your imagination is not limited when you are making the presentation with PowerPoint alternative Focusky. For one thing, you can add various media elements to the presentation. For another thing, you have the freedom to edit the path for your presentation. Therefore,your contents can be presented logical as well as beautifully.

Brochure Maker AnyFlip – Useful Sales Tool for Your Business

If you have been in business for some time, you must have tried to use the digital brochure to boost your sales. But you are likely to find it difficult to create a successful brochure as your sale tool on your own. Now, there is a good solution. Anyflip, the leading brochure maker, has become a useful sales tool for your business because it helps you to create an amazing brochure with great user experience, strong brand identity and various distribution channels.


Great User Experience

Customers prefer to read your brochure in a pleasing way when they try to find something to buy in your brochure. In other words, to increase your sales, it is very important for you to make sure that your customers can enjoy a great user experience in your brochure. Luckily, AnyFlip offers you an easy way to solve this problem.

First of all, when using this software, you will get a brochure with simple and elegant toolbar. All the icons in the toolbar have their clear prompts to give a wonderful intuitive user experience. Then you are able to create a handy table of contents in the brochure, which allows your customers to click right to the content they want when they find an interesting word there.

Considering not every word of your contents is included in the table of content, you can even enable the search option in the brochure so that the customers can input the word to search your brochure. Besides, for those customers who have no clear idea of what to buy, you are allowed to set the thumbnail pallet for their quick view of your brochure.


Strong Brand Identity

Brand plays a very important role in your sale since many customers tend to buy brand product. As a useful sale tool, this brochure maker enables you to build your brand identity in the brochure in many ways.

For example, you can add water mark to every page to show your brand name or brand image, keeping your brand identity the focus. Or you can insert the video of telling your brand story into the brochure, spreading your brand culture. Last but not least, you are able to directly put your brand logo on the top-left corner of the brochure, giving the customers a deep visual impression of branding.


Various Distribution Channels

Even if you have created a wonderful catalogue which offers great user experience, strong brand identity, you are not meant to have succeeded in selling products. In fact, you need to distribute the brochure so that the customers can access your information.

This brochure maker does play an important role in terms of the useful sales tool because it empowers you to distribute the brochure via a variety of channels. For one thing, you can choose to publish it on different online platforms such as your own website or social networks. For another thing, after you publish the brochure online, you have the ability to send the customers the link to your brochure.



Using the Magazine Maker AnyFlip to Implement Your Company’s Goals

Using the magazine maker, AnyFlip, to create an engaging magazine online has never been easier for businessmen. If you are seeking to implement your company’s goals by engaging new customers and increasing the customer retention rate, this wonderful magazine should be one of the greatest options available to you.

Engaging New Customers

To realize the company’s goals, it is very important to win new customers. Coupons can be a good way for this. At anyflip.com, you can add all kinds of coupons to the magazine with a simple click on the print icon. When creating the coupon, you gain the freedom to decide the size of the coupon by defining the printable area and customize the title and description for the area, which can help customers realize the printable coupon. Unlike ready printed coupons, these printable coupons often leave a deep impression on the customers and remind them of the purchase with the coupon for your products.

Apart from the printable coupon, the well-designed presentation also has a great impact on your acquisition of new customers. This magazine maker empowers you to set fonts for the toolbar so that you have the ability of choosing the most proper font for your customers to read easily. For instance, you might as well set larger fonts to help shortsighted customers. Given many customers like to read on mobile devices, AnyFlip allows you to optimize product images for small screens with a gallery. In addition, this website enables you to select themes, templates and logo image for your magazine so you are assured that the whole content of your magazine follow the same style guide, which contributes to the consistent look of your magazine.




Increasing Customer Retention Rate

With regard to most company’s goals, the biggest part is to increase the customer retention rate as acquisition does not mean everything for a business to grow. AnyFlip makes it possible for you to publish the magazine on the free platform, where your customers can subscribe to you by clicking the follow icon. Once your customers become your followers, they can read a collection of your magazine to get as much information as possible to make their repeat purchases. Furthermore, on this website, the customers can enable the option of sending the update emails to know your new products quickly so that they are able to buy your new products in time.

In addition to the subscription feature, this magazine maker gives you the option to publish the magazine as a Mac App, which is an effective method to keep customers loyal to your product. With this App, your customers do not need to look at your website when they want to check the details of your products before the purchase. Besides, Mac App created by this maker, as a highly trusted digital channel, allows you to remind your customers of buying your products in a comfortable way when customers are using their Mac.



Distinctive Presentation by 3+ Stunning Presentation Software

A powerful presentation software plays an essential role in delivering information. In this way, your keywords will be emphasized skillfully and your content will be detailed with graphic design. Focusky, Haiku Deck, Emaze, Sliderocket and SlideDog, these commendable software satisfy you with powerful features and characteristics. Your ideas and stories would be much inspiring by the stunning presentation software.


As an advanced presentation software, Focusky provides 3D backgrounds for your presentation, it would be more dynamic to spread out your content. This software helps you to create free, cool, and awesome animated video, which is particularly favorable for readers. Besides, zooming and path around the presentation display various text and images in a fascinating way. And the build-in WordArt makes your content eye-catching. Indeed, adding more features, templates and styles in your presentation is gorgeous.


This online presentation software amazes you with its professional design. You are capable of creating an amazing visual presentation. Templates, slideshows and videos add more relaxed atmosphere to your presentation. It is easy-to-use and multi-device access. Readers can enjoy your presentation on all devices.



Sliderocket is a great presentation software to enhance the sales engagement of the enterprise. It provides a new way to present your content and supports online and offline for you to access. Moreover, you are able to wow your audiences with characteristic layout. Shapes, charts, flash and pictures perfect your presentation in your own style.



SlideDog makes your presentation differently. It combines all the media into your presentation and strengthens your presentation with enjoyable multimedia content. In addition, you can share your presentation with readers with Live Sharing, then surprise them in real time engagement. It would be an elegant solution to present your story and your ideas.


Amazing Flipbook Software: Share Your Stunning HTML5 Flipbook with the World

Sharing makes people relaxed and pleasure, it is a wonderful action to get people closer. As an amazing flipbook software, Mobissue enables you to make your own stylish flipbook, then you can share it with others via various powerful ways. Besides, you are capable of showing your flipbook via social networks like Facebook and Twitter as well as delivering to your readers by subscription. What is more, email can be effective to spread your flipbook to global netizens. This professional tool helps to shine your flipbook on your website, it would be competitive to catch readers’ attention. Gorgeous!

Flipbook Shines on Your Website

First to create a new account for yourself. Then decorate the home page beautifully and upload your stunning flipbook in certain category. Generally speaking, Mobissue provides a perfect platform for you to show your HTML5 flipbook and deliver your innovative ideas. Your fascinating flipbook on your webpage inspires followers to some extent, they learn from you and enjoy your flipbook smoothly on mobiles. Just engage them with your page turning book and its delicate design. In addition, your readers can follow your update information by subscription. Few clicks do you a great favor to shine your flipbook, fabulous!

flipbook software-1

Spread Your HTML5 Flipbook Wider via Email

Email sharing is also an important way to spread your flipbook to more readers. With specific subject, dynamic content and beautiful pre-designed template, your HTML5 flipbook shows great charm. Mobissue makes it simple to spread your flipbook wider via email. Beyond the restriction of time and space, it takes only seconds to send an email to your friends. Just manage your contacts, set up the delivering status and time, then your flipbook can be enjoyed by more readers. Furthermore, forwarding e-mail to new addresses is quick and easy. Amazing!

flipbook software-2

Social Networks Reaches More Readers

There is no doubt that social networks are beneficial for your flipbook to reach more readers. With such a powerful and professional flipbook software, your HTML5 flipbook can be perfectly enjoyed by people on their devices. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, sharing your mobissue flipbook via social networks helps is powerful to inspire more readers.

flipbook software-3