Powerful Online Publishing Strengthens Your Page-flipping Magazine Advertising

Advertising magazine keeps longer endurance and plays an essential role in life. When compared with newspaper advertising, it would be more focused and delicate. In this case, if advertisers want their advertising to be widely spread, their advertising should be deeply remembered by people at the first sight. As a result, advertisers are looking forward to adopting unique and fantastic advertising to show their products. They want to impress people with innovative advertising design. Powerful FlipHTML5 supports your magazine advertising with professional design. Then people would be surprised by wonderful flipping page experience. What is more, the online publishing feature makes your advertising spread to more readers easily.

Online Reading

FlipHTML5 is a miraculous medium to expose your advertising. Your magazine can be published online easily and quickly as various formats like HTML, ZIP and EXE. Then it is effective and convenient for people to read your magazine advertising when they enjoy magazine. At the same time, your readers would be amazed by page flipping effect, then they would pay more attention to your products and your content. Besides, elegant design and refreshing typography takes an active role in connecting readers and magazine advertising. It is brilliant! In this way, your products can be showed to people effectively, it benefits their understanding and memory of products. Once they feel it interesting and eye-catching, they would talk to their friends and share with others.


Clear Target Readership

All kinds of magazine has their intended audiences. Advertising enforces the good effect when they are in particular magazine. With beautiful pages and valuable content, powerful FlipHTML5 helps to specify your particular products to people in effective way. Furthermore, it simulates your site’s appeal, functionality and availability.



In fact, some magazines show extensive social influence for their national and global performance. Thus, it is helpful and professional to increase attention by adding fabulous advertising. In addition, magazine is flexible and without limits, in which available space can be freely used. Design skills, advertising’s location, emphasized content and typographic details, when all are in perfect combination, your magazine advertising can inspire readers’ reading interests. Amazing FlipHTML5 would tell you how to make your magazine advertising in vivid and unique way. There are lots of gorgeous examples on its home page, impressive enough to catch people’s attention.




為了心愛的她/他,為了紀念匆匆那年,為了分享那次說走就走的旅行,您肯定會有把充滿美好回憶的照片製作成電子相冊的衝動。用浪漫的瞬間點綴人生最精彩的回憶,這也是您永久的財富。電子相冊軟體有很多,但並不是每一個都適合零基礎的人使用。 翻頁電子畫冊 每個人都嚮往美好的事物,一本畫面精美,內容豐富,相片呈現形式多樣的電子畫冊,會給人留下深刻的印象。 看了Flip PDF Professional 軟體製作的《嬰兒寫真集》,會有那麼一瞬間,也想為自己的Baby 留下一份成長的禮物。這個電子畫冊製作軟體,是最簡單最好用的,簡單到不需要運用任何編程知識,好用到可以添加視頻,背景音樂,flash 動畫等豐富相冊內容,輸出到DVD/CD,WP外掛,直接上傳到雲端等等。 而對於相冊的主角,相片,你可以單張照片顯示,也可以運用帶有動畫特效的圖片集展示。例如展示baby 可愛的一面,您可以把生活中她/他可愛的照片放到一起,形成圖片集,然後用翻頁特效展示。這樣的動態展示會更加有吸引力。當然,你也可以結合文字圖片,做成一本翻頁特效電子書嬰兒寫真集 當然,人生需要分享,精彩的瞬間就更值得分享。而Flip PDF Professional 軟體里,自帶朋友分享功能。你可以郵件精美電子畫冊給朋友,也可以分享到Facebook, Twitter等社交平台。那樣,你人生最美好的回憶,也可以與人共享,成為朋友人生篇章中精美的一頁。

5 Tips for Making Full Use of Page Flip PDF in 2015

Make page flip business presentations
A great presentation helps you win the appreciation from your audiences. Using the smart page flip software FlipHTML5, the presentation will no longer limit in the dull PDF format, it can be turned to interactive page flip PDF with multimedia as a flipbook, which impress the audiences even more.


Publish digital portfolio
Compare to printed portfolios, digital edition can be exposed to wider audiences easier and quicker. To create and publish them the through page flip software is super easy. Besides, page flip software offers the online version a far more compelling look to like an actual portfolio.

Upload original content material online
You can publish various types of your own content material related to different areas and share them with your readers on site or blog. Meanwhile, content in text version is limited to engage readers more, so you can add images, video and sound with a life-like page turning effect. You can upload as a bookcase on FlipHTML5 cloud storage or embed to your site and blog.


Promote in a catalog
If you want to promote products, do it with a catalog in digital edition. It contains dynamic description, images, and video, buy links. Brand it and share it on social network is easy to promote your product. You can make a beautiful page flip catalog without hiring a designer.

Build photo albums
Whether you are a photographer or not and you have a lot of photos but have no idea to present them. It is time to collect and create them as a photo album to show off. Upload photos directly in FlipHTML5 and build a professional album with page flipping effect. And you are allowed to share it into your social hub instantly.


Best WordPress Publish Plugin to Boost Your WordPress Website Content

One of the fastest and easiest ways to enhance your WordPress site is to activate a plugin. As plugins are modules that extend the functionality of WordPress,  many website owners utilize it to improve the look, feel, and functionality of the sites. Free plugins are popular and can be implemented with little hassle. Without codes, you can install, activate and embed it on your website at ease.

There are over 30 thousand plugins with 869,615,794 total downloads. If you keep an eye on the WordPress plugin, you will know that each plugin can achieve only a special effect for your website. And in order to boost sales, website owners often use the videos plugin or photo gallery plugin to create content that interests readers. But adding too many plugins will slow down your site. If there is a all-in-one WordPress publish plugin(http://www.flipbuilder.com/wordpress-publish-plugin.html ), how easy to optimize your website content would be!

To boost your WordPress website content, there is no doubt that you should take full advantage of the limited space to deliver a better experience for your readers. However, even if you embed a photo gallery plugin to introduce your products, it still doesn’t seem convincing and attractive to the readers. The best WordPress publish plugin should be versatile. It should not only contains that content in the format of audio, video, links and photo gallery, but also makes your content friendly to social networks and search engine. With just one such plugin, multiple purposes can be achieved at a time.

What? Such ideal plugin cannot be existed? It does exist. You just haven’t found it. The flipbook pdf (http://www.flipbuilder.com/create-flipbook-from-pdf.html) software can help you to create such WordPress plugin from PDF documents. It allows you to enrich the content with rich media before your publishing. Once you activate the plugin in your website, all the content in the book-like interface will display with the page flip effect. While the videos help to broadcast your service, the links will directly bring your readers to online shops.It is a comfortable reading experience, isn’t it?

WordPress flipbook plugin

The WordPress publish plugin maker can add more advanced function to your content. An example created by Flip PDF would tell you how wonderful the content would be. You can publish this furniture catalog as a plugin to introduce the products. Except the rich media, it is also embed Google Analytic to know more about your visitors. Of course, it is friendly to search engine, such as Google.

By installing this best WordPress publish plugin, you can make significant improvements to your website content. The better reading experience you provide, the more readers will be appealed to your WP website. As a result, it can boost social shares and conversions. So why not do it?

Digital Publishing Software – Create Digital Content that connect with your Audiences

There are lots of good reasons to create digital content that intimately connect with you consumers with professional and innovative software. Having digital publications with stunning content can create opportunities to reach different clients and markets on a global scale.

Creating digital content online is now a simple drag and drop process by using free digital publishing software. Local objects such as videos, text, Flash and images can be be easily edited into PDF document and turn it to be a realistic page turning online publication that delivers a reader-friendly digital experience. The innovative software brings static content a life with realist 3D page flipping effect. Digital publication can be outputted in HTML format so that the life-like page turning book can be viewed on any device online. Create digital content that connect with your audiences with digital publishing software AnyFlip, you can just do in three steps, including import your PDF file into AnyFlip, choose templates and themes to fit the look of your publication, and publish it in online or offline format. Simple steps that help you avoid the trouble of mastering any coding skill. What’s more, to download other software like PDF Readers is unnecessary.

AnyFlip is a digital publishing software provider which seeks to help publishers of online content reach their audiences with innovative and cost effective solutions. With free digital publishing software Anyflip, you can achieve:

Customize specific  look for your own brand image


Show a wide range of features for your publication


Impress audience with a stunning look!


Free eBook Publishing Software helps Deliver Better Reading Experiences for Customers

Several years ago, we might still wonder could book lovers finally be willing to switch from paper to pixels. Today the answer apparently turns to be a YES. Since the ebook digital publishing market is becoming brisker day by day, to deliver a better digital reading experiences for customers is a must.

I’ve discovered that most publishers are using an incomplete tools and approaches to develop and improve their service for customers, so here I would like to share you with some information of the very free ebook publishing software named AnyFlip this year. Its all-round powerful features are impressive, which will do a favor for your reader with an optimal digital reading experience.


  1. Get index ready

While doing readtable-of-contents-flipbooking, an index can offer a great help. AnyFlip enables you to create a table of contents of your digital flipbook from blank or automatically from your PDF’s bookmark. You have the ability to define unlimited links to your digital books. This offers your customers a very convenient way to read the page they want.



  1. Make text Searchable

AnyFlip owns the powerful built-in search engine to help your customers quickly find the key content they want to read. When the search button is clicked, key text will be highlighted on every page in the color you’ve set. This feature will be definitely loved by your customers because this is really time-saving.


  1. Embed links into pages of your ebook  


Customers will enjoy an awesome reading experience with the page flipping book made by Anyflip, for it can be added with internal or external hyperlinks in any page of the flipbook. By doing this, when customers can be directly click into the relative website through the links you’ve already added. This provides your consumers with a smooth reading experience.

Découvrez la rentabilité d’utiliser le logiciel d’e-brochure

Utiliser un logiciel d’e-brochure est une stratégie essentielle pour atteindre une base de clientèle et promouvoir les ventes en ligne. Le logiciel peut être facilement installé sur un Mac ou un PC. Vous ne devez pas être en aucune façon un expert en informatique pour l’essayer. Nous observons que la plupart de nos clients embrassent l’expérience, tandis que d’autres délèguent la tâche à leurs équipes de marketing ou de conception.

Nous avons discuté dans le passé sur la façon de créer une brochure numérique et nous avons partagé des guides étape par étape, nous espérons que vous êtes familier avec ceux-ci, bien sûr, vous pouvez les revoir si vous avez besoin d’un rafraîchissement.

Si vous n’avez pas déjà créé une version numérique de votre brochure, c’est maintenant de le faire. L’accessibilité d’une brochure en ligne peut atteindre des extrêmes globaux sur tous appareils; d’ordinateurs à grands écrans, au smartphones et toutes les tablettes entre les deux. Avec des mises à jour dans les dispositifs et plates-formes mobiles constamment poussées vers l’avant, le logiciel d’e-brochure devrait évoluer en 2015, avec de nouvelles technologies intéressantes. Sautez sur le train maintenant, habituez votre clientèle à voir vos produits présentés de cette façon. Ils achètent déjà en ligne, donc assurer que votre marchandise est à leur disposition de cette façon est une tactique gagnante.

L’ajout de l’e-commerce à votre brochure électronique est possible grâce à une fonctionnalité du panier d’achat dans le logiciel de brochure électronique. Des portails d’information des ventes, des offres spéciales et des rabais sont d’autres conseils de marketing qui peuvent être ajoutés à la brochure électronique.

Vous pouvez améliorer l’expérience de navigation de vos clients avec l’interaction multimédia, comme des galeries vidéo, audio et image qui sont d’excellentes ressources pour l’affichage et la communication d’informations complémentaires du produit.

Vous pouvez obtenir une connaissance approfondie de la façon dont vos lecteurs interagissent avec votre contenu à travers les analyses personnalisées que le logiciel de brochure contient… Analysez les données, regardez les éléments qui génèrent le plus de revenus et adaptez vos mesures pour une croissance continue dans la conception et la création de futures d’e-Brochures.