Using the Magazine Maker AnyFlip to Implement Your Company’s Goals

Using the magazine maker, AnyFlip, to create an engaging magazine online has never been easier for businessmen. If you are seeking to implement your company’s goals by engaging new customers and increasing the customer retention rate, this wonderful magazine should be one of the greatest options available to you.

Engaging New Customers

To realize the company’s goals, it is very important to win new customers. Coupons can be a good way for this. At, you can add all kinds of coupons to the magazine with a simple click on the print icon. When creating the coupon, you gain the freedom to decide the size of the coupon by defining the printable area and customize the title and description for the area, which can help customers realize the printable coupon. Unlike ready printed coupons, these printable coupons often leave a deep impression on the customers and remind them of the purchase with the coupon for your products.

Apart from the printable coupon, the well-designed presentation also has a great impact on your acquisition of new customers. This magazine maker empowers you to set fonts for the toolbar so that you have the ability of choosing the most proper font for your customers to read easily. For instance, you might as well set larger fonts to help shortsighted customers. Given many customers like to read on mobile devices, AnyFlip allows you to optimize product images for small screens with a gallery. In addition, this website enables you to select themes, templates and logo image for your magazine so you are assured that the whole content of your magazine follow the same style guide, which contributes to the consistent look of your magazine.




Increasing Customer Retention Rate

With regard to most company’s goals, the biggest part is to increase the customer retention rate as acquisition does not mean everything for a business to grow. AnyFlip makes it possible for you to publish the magazine on the free platform, where your customers can subscribe to you by clicking the follow icon. Once your customers become your followers, they can read a collection of your magazine to get as much information as possible to make their repeat purchases. Furthermore, on this website, the customers can enable the option of sending the update emails to know your new products quickly so that they are able to buy your new products in time.

In addition to the subscription feature, this magazine maker gives you the option to publish the magazine as a Mac App, which is an effective method to keep customers loyal to your product. With this App, your customers do not need to look at your website when they want to check the details of your products before the purchase. Besides, Mac App created by this maker, as a highly trusted digital channel, allows you to remind your customers of buying your products in a comfortable way when customers are using their Mac.




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