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Flipping Book Turns Lifeless PDF Content to Something Engaging

A digital flipping book can present traditional PDF files on variety of platforms in an interactive way. Specifically, this format makes digital publications similar to paper ones, drawing more attention to the content. Now you are starting to see technology bear fruit with flipping book maker such as Mobissue, which helps you make a conversion of lifeless PDF contents to something engaging in a minute.

Create Stylish Looks and Feels

Many PDF creators become aware that their files tend to be too boring, since the reading process of PDF usually involves tiring scrolling from one page to another. On the contrary, a flipping book enables the reader to turn pages with realistic page flip effect. Compared with scrolling, this effect has a strong appeal to the readers, because it mimics the real book so well, making it easy for the readers to regard the publication as professional and modern.

When using Mobissue to create a flipping book, the flipping effect is just one element you can get easily by clicking on buttons. To give this digital edition a more stylish look and feel, you are also allowed to apply beautiful themes as the wonderful background, enable the search option for an easy navigation through your content, and set the flip time to control the reading process. All of these settings will give the reader an excellent viewing and user experience.


Track reader’s Preferences with Easy-to -Use Tool

Providing stylish look and feel is only one of effective ways to drive engagement to your content. To a large extent, the engagement also depends on where your content is the reader’s cup of tea. If you can know what the reader likes, you are able to create right contents for the reader.

A flipping book created with Mobissue can be tracked to help you master the readers’ preference for your content. By simply visiting the dashboard of your home page at, you can access some data. The data records the reader behavior, so that you can see exactly how the readers are interacting with your flipping book. These interactions include visits, likes and time spent .Relying on the data, you are able to create a list of readers’ preferences for the type of content, helping create the content which is really attractive to the readers.


Viewable on Any Devices

A lot of readers view digital publication on mobile devices. Bring in more engagement to the publication requires compatibility of the digital edition on multiple platforms

If you publish a flipping book with Mobissue, the same rich pages available on desktop are also available on any type of tablets and mobile phones. All the interactive functionality of the flipping book, including flipping pages and searching in document, is available at the touch of a button on mobile devices. Your readers will enjoy the same great reading and user experience, not matter what device they are reading on.