Brochure Maker AnyFlip – Useful Sales Tool for Your Business

If you have been in business for some time, you must have tried to use the digital brochure to boost your sales. But you are likely to find it difficult to create a successful brochure as your sale tool on your own. Now, there is a good solution. Anyflip, the leading brochure maker, has become a useful sales tool for your business because it helps you to create an amazing brochure with great user experience, strong brand identity and various distribution channels.


Great User Experience

Customers prefer to read your brochure in a pleasing way when they try to find something to buy in your brochure. In other words, to increase your sales, it is very important for you to make sure that your customers can enjoy a great user experience in your brochure. Luckily, AnyFlip offers you an easy way to solve this problem.

First of all, when using this software, you will get a brochure with simple and elegant toolbar. All the icons in the toolbar have their clear prompts to give a wonderful intuitive user experience. Then you are able to create a handy table of contents in the brochure, which allows your customers to click right to the content they want when they find an interesting word there.

Considering not every word of your contents is included in the table of content, you can even enable the search option in the brochure so that the customers can input the word to search your brochure. Besides, for those customers who have no clear idea of what to buy, you are allowed to set the thumbnail pallet for their quick view of your brochure.


Strong Brand Identity

Brand plays a very important role in your sale since many customers tend to buy brand product. As a useful sale tool, this brochure maker enables you to build your brand identity in the brochure in many ways.

For example, you can add water mark to every page to show your brand name or brand image, keeping your brand identity the focus. Or you can insert the video of telling your brand story into the brochure, spreading your brand culture. Last but not least, you are able to directly put your brand logo on the top-left corner of the brochure, giving the customers a deep visual impression of branding.


Various Distribution Channels

Even if you have created a wonderful catalogue which offers great user experience, strong brand identity, you are not meant to have succeeded in selling products. In fact, you need to distribute the brochure so that the customers can access your information.

This brochure maker does play an important role in terms of the useful sales tool because it empowers you to distribute the brochure via a variety of channels. For one thing, you can choose to publish it on different online platforms such as your own website or social networks. For another thing, after you publish the brochure online, you have the ability to send the customers the link to your brochure.




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