Free eBook Publishing Software helps Deliver Better Reading Experiences for Customers

Several years ago, we might still wonder could book lovers finally be willing to switch from paper to pixels. Today the answer apparently turns to be a YES. Since the ebook digital publishing market is becoming brisker day by day, to deliver a better digital reading experiences for customers is a must.

I’ve discovered that most publishers are using an incomplete tools and approaches to develop and improve their service for customers, so here I would like to share you with some information of the very free ebook publishing software named AnyFlip this year. Its all-round powerful features are impressive, which will do a favor for your reader with an optimal digital reading experience.


  1. Get index ready

While doing readtable-of-contents-flipbooking, an index can offer a great help. AnyFlip enables you to create a table of contents of your digital flipbook from blank or automatically from your PDF’s bookmark. You have the ability to define unlimited links to your digital books. This offers your customers a very convenient way to read the page they want.



  1. Make text Searchable

AnyFlip owns the powerful built-in search engine to help your customers quickly find the key content they want to read. When the search button is clicked, key text will be highlighted on every page in the color you’ve set. This feature will be definitely loved by your customers because this is really time-saving.


  1. Embed links into pages of your ebook  


Customers will enjoy an awesome reading experience with the page flipping book made by Anyflip, for it can be added with internal or external hyperlinks in any page of the flipbook. By doing this, when customers can be directly click into the relative website through the links you’ve already added. This provides your consumers with a smooth reading experience.


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