How to make the flipbook pages turn automatically by using FlipBook Creator?

FlipBook Creator is so popular since it was released. It is a powerful flipbook software for users to create a vivid digital catalog from PDF files. With this powerful flipbook software, flipbook designers can catch people’s eyes in an effective way. People would like to read flipbook online which makes it easier to access.

FlipBook Creator also provides users more professional desgin settings which enable users to custom a special online digital magazine. Users can share flipbooks online so that most of users can view it online. It enables users to change templates, insert book logo, share flipbook online etc.

Moreover, FlipBook Creator also enables users to play flipbook automatically. Users can set flip intervals to autoplay online flipbook. Here are the steps to set to autoplay online flipbook:

Step1: Import PDF files.

Start FlipBook Creator and click the button of “Create New”, browser to import PDF document.

Step 2: Select templates and themes

There are so many flipbook templates and themes in FlipBook Creator. Users need to choose the templates and themes they like.

Step 3: Autoflip online digital magazine.

Search “Auto Flip” in the search bar in the Design Setting. User will see an option of “Flip Interval”, you can set the interval time of flipbook.

Step 4: Publish online digital magazine

Click the button of “Publish” to publish flipbook to different formats or upload it online directly.


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