A good way for Facebook users to protect themselves from phishing, viruses, malware and identity theft

Intelligent Cloud security solutions based on expert Webroot announced, it is expanding its cooperation with the Facebook, the network security threat protection and close the Facebook international users of social network expansion bases.

The two companies announced for the first time in 2012 August. Facebook users can protect themselves against phishing and malware and viruses, identity theft to download Webroot SecureAnywhere, cloud to protect their computer without charge by Facebook based on the AV market. The expansion will also be based on language, and Facebook will automatically detect the user’s preferred language.If you want to turn pdf to flipping book, please view here.


“Facebook has been committed to ensuring that all the more than one billion users access to tools, can let them and their equipment safety, Facebook chief security officer Jo Sullivan said in a statement.” “Today marks to better service our international users with new language support for Webroot company, an important step in the rest of the US AV market represents the.”

Webroot SecureAnywhere platform malicious web sites and search results before they click on them and warns the user password encrypted, and simultaneously on multiple devices, users can log on to the banking and shopping website security. In addition, the firewall using cloud to detect and prevent the harmful network connection, and anti-phishing technology warned fake Web site to the user, entice users to enter personal information.

To create dynamic flipping book from PDF document, strongly recommend you to use flipbook for mac.


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