Google glasses will be assembled in the United States due to quality control

According to the British “Financial Times” reported, Google glasses (flash flip book maker ) will be assembled in the United States market.

Reportedly, Google glasses will be made at an assembly plant located in Santa Clara, the factory is responsible for the management of Google partners of Hon Hai precision.


“Financial Times” quoted an anonymous source said, Google is the production activities to the United States of America the local market, the purpose is to monitor the production process, can be modified at the last moment. Message personage discloses, Google glasses assembly work will be completed in the United States, but for the most part provided by the Asian partners. Google said earlier, Nexus Q media player will be made in the United States, but the project was shelved, Google has not made any official explanation for this.

Starting from today, Google will notify the #IfIHadGlass contest winners, invited the experience Google glasses, 8000 people will have a chance to pay $1500 to the first experience, then Google will in a few months for the general public release. According to “Financial Times” reported, “Google glasses production will accelerate in the next few weeks.”


The industry have pointed out, Google Google glasses production in the United States may be related to quality control problems. Now, Google glasses high prices, and production quantity is little. Recently, Hon Hai Precision talked about expanding the scale of the United States of America business problems, Apple also said during his state of the Union address this year, will be put back to the United States market in Mac production.

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