Nokia Elop: there will be more beautiful Lumia smart mobile phones

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop (digital flipbook software)recently had a television interview with Finland media Lumia928, when asked, he replied: “at MWC we give everybody to bring some new products, people good evaluation of the new product, Nokia now has a complete, covering low, medium, high end the product portfolio. I want to say is, this is just the beginning, beautiful and intelligent mobile phone more people look forward to is also under development.”


He also said, Nokia in the global team of engineers are stepping up work, ready for the launch of more excellent products. Future, Nokia will bring more excellent products, these products will carry some unique things that Nokia devices talent showing itself, such as shape design, beautiful, powerful photo function etc.. These products will give Nokia brought to a new height.”

In the interview, Mr elop said, the first quarter of 2013, Nokia mobile phone sales (pdf to digital magazine software)will be better intelligence in 2012 fourth quarter. He also reiterated the beat Samsung and apple, become the industry leader in goals.


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