Bill Gates’ personal financial information is exposed.

Recently, the United States of America suffered a hacker attacks, private financial information more entertainment, sport, politicians have been exposed, including the first lady Michel, the list is very long, here is not one one. Surprisingly, today, Bill Gate who also happen.

According to foreign media reports in Naked Security, Gates’s social security number, home address, credit card statements and other financial information are exposed in a ” secret document ” ( Secret Files ) website. Michel, Beyonce et al. The information you can see on this site.

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At present, the United States FBI is investigating the matter, but has not yet published the results of any investigation, we don’t know who is doing these things behind, how did they get these privacy information. It is reported, is someone impersonating celebrities gathered data to the Credit Company.


Ironically, Gates recently in an interview also talked about network security today, today to see such a thing, it is really make me on the spot. Do not know which hackers junior so bold, unexpectedly bullying to the computer in shaping up.

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