Vice president of Google mocked that the new version of Facebook copies from Google+

Many technology companies in Silicon Valley are give tit for tat enemies, but Silicon Valley insiders are always few public ridicule each other, and vice president of Google Urs Holzer ( Urs Hö lzle ) broke the “tradition ” — he laughed at Facebook on his Google+ page on the new design from Google ‘s social network Google+.


Huo Lzawa quoted “the Losangeles times ” web site published in March 7th entitled ” Facebook version of the information flow like Google+? A lot of people think so ” article — this article summarizes the users in the Twitter on the Facebook version of the News feed design some of the comments, they are claiming that Facebook ” blatant copy of Google+ “.

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Holzer’s comments are full of irony: ” Mark Zuckerberg ( founder and CEO Facebook ) to copy Google+ as a selling point to curry favour with the sincerity of the world –! I’m proud of! “

Figure is the comparison of design Google+ and the new version of Facebook, you think they look like?

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