Powerful invention–Wireless suspension mouse

BAT wireless mouse, ” suspension was designed by Russian architect Vadim kibardin, the mouse consists of a suspension of navigation system and magnetic end ring, it can prevent and treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome ( median nerve dysfunction ). Active computer users are susceptible to the disease, it hopes to improve the control of human body engineering, to eliminate caused by using the mouse hand numbness, tingling, weakness, or the injury of muscles.

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What is the ” mouse hand “: popular and narrow sense is ” carpal tunnel syndrome “, refers to the human median nerve, and into the hand of the vessel, in the carpal tunnel pressure generated by the symptoms, mainly leads to the index finger and middle finger stiffness and pain, numbness and muscle weakness of the thumb. More and more people every day long time contact, using the computer, the Internet group most daily repetition of typing on the keyboard and move the mouse, the wrist joint due to long-term intensive, repeated and excessive activity, resulting in the wrist muscle or joint swelling, pain, paralysis, convulsion, make it become an increasingly common disease of modern civilization


When people put the hands and elbows on the use of do not have to worry about the magnetic force of the mouse, it is sufficient to support the people because the operating pressure, perhaps for those accustomed to use on the desktop mouse people contact, it will first feel not good control, but after running, you will definitely love it, BAT Mouse will bring you a out of the ordinary control feeling.


Wireless suspension mouse is a good invention, we believe that it will be widely used in our life.

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