Microsoft confirmed to launch MS Office 2013 and the standard version is $369

Microsoft Office team posted a message on twitter, has said it will release Office 2013 office in New York on Tuesday 29.

In October 11th last year, Microsoft has Office 2013 formally put into production. By the end of last year, the company has to the MSDN and TechNet provide Office 2013, also including some volume licensing customers. Recently, Microsoft also for Software Assurance ( Software assurance ) the volume licensing customers launched a $10 version of Office 2013, as part of a family project.


Previously, Microsoft officials have repeatedly mentioned the Redmond ( Redmond ) plans to launch the final commercial release in the first quarter of 2013.

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In addition, Microsoft will also launch a new version of the Office 365. The Office 365 can be at most mounted on a 5 computer, including ” smartphones and tablet computer selected “. According to the different versions, Office 365 months the price at $3.30 ( University Edition ) to $20 ( government and Enterprise Edition ).


Considering the Office 2013 home and student edition each machine costs $139, for a user equipment, Office 365 is more cost-effective choice.

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